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Smoked Chilli Salt - Annie’s HK

Smoked Chilli Salt - Annie’s HK

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Annie’s Herb Kitchen, Ford, Argyll. 70gm reusable tin. 

Annie's Smoked Chilli Salt is adding another layer of flavour with everything becoming a little richer and more intense after a pinch of our unique seasoned salt is added.


Firstly, we smoke the chillies then they are mixed with the natural sea salt so that the smoky taste is really fine and pleasant.


Smoked Chilli Salt compliments all spicy dishes like chilli con carne, spicy burgers, marinades and chilli roast chicken.... The list is endless, don’t be shy to experiment with it.


Finer version of our seasoned salt will give you the chance to season with precision. Ideal for use in any recipe where salt needs to be spread evenly and measured closely.

  • Ingredients and Shelf life


    • sea salt 83%
    • smoked chilli 17%


    Shelf life:

    Our seasoned salts will last for 12 months. Just make sure to store it in a dark and dry place.

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