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Fruity Fruits

Fruity Fruits

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Our fruit boxes are full of fruity surprises! Weekly choice is given lots of thought, offering variety and quantity. 

So here’s the script 👉We have one to suit all! Our Veggie boxes are fast becoming the household norm for our customers. ✍️ You can note your likes or dislikes and even tell us if you have any special requests. This means you get the element of ‘surprise’ whilst tailoring your selection to your liking!
🥕 “No onions or cabbage, would love some Broccoli”
🍎 “We love apples but nobody likes mushrooms”
🍍 “Allergy to peppers - do not include”

☺️ We will help you make your perfect box. Just use the wee box at checkout and let us do the rest.

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