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Local Sea Reared Trout

Local Sea Reared Trout

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Farmed at Kilmelford, near Oban. Pack of 2 fresh fillets with skin on. Suitable for home freezing. Use within 1-2 days of delivery. They say...

“We’re a family farm, and we’ve grown Steelhead Trout in the remote waters off the West Coast of Scotland since 1972. Its an area renowned for its Atlantic flow and mineral-rich currents; an outstanding oceanic habitat for our fish.

The Steelhead naturally migrates to the sea, where it grows silvery and athletic from swimming against such a huge volume of water. We give it the two things it most needs: space and time, and the result is an exceptional delicate flavour and firm texture.

Great produce comes from great husbandry, and we are proud to rear our fish as naturally as possible. Our ethos is to achieve excellent fish welfare and to sustain the beautiful environment that we both live and work in. It boils down to respect, ultimately – for our fish, for our brilliant Highland community, and for a sustainable farming future for us all.”

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